Some facts about the floor.

1873: the oldest penny used; coin features an indian head instead of Abraham Lincoln

1944: year of the WWII 440 steel penny used because of a copper shortage

59,670: total amount of pennies used

128: total number of man-hours it took to lay pennies

2: total number of people who made the penny floor possible

184: number of reruns (see glossary) placed before grouting

$596.70: total cost of pennies.

$2.55: total cost per square foot x 234sq = 59,670 pennies.


Don't drool on the pennies!



All the secrets to do this yourself at home!

Here’s a riddle for you: a boyfriend and a girlfriend take on 59,670 pennies. Who wins? Well, 130 hours later (none spent in couples counseling, mind you), and we’re proud to say: it was us.

The idea spawned from seeing other iterations of it on design blogs. However, most of these spaces were tiny, like bathrooms or entryways. Figuring we could do it better, faster, stronger, we laid our first square foot of pennies in the corner of our 234 square foot bedroom. There was no turning back.

We innovated the penny process several times, spotting room for improvement as we went along. We started with small tubes of glue and laid tiny dots of it in a line, similar to the way you would decorate a cake with icing. Then, we’d place each penny (heads up except for wheat pennies) and push it into place. Maddening, for sure.

Our big breakthrough came from a caulk gun and stronger glue. With that, we’d push out copious amounts of glue, spread it into a square section with a spatula, and lay pennies within the glue pool. A huge time saver, albeit a clothing-ruiner and thumb-stainer.

From square sections, we moved to straight lines. This way, we could ensure the pennies would line up with no overlaps when our two sections would finally join. And when they did? Grout time – just like with regular tile.

We finalized the project by placing one rare silver penny into the mix of copper. Then, we drowned the floor in a clear coat, and cemented the little Lincolns into their final resting place.

Now, we’ve got a smooth, shiny floor that’s fun to walk on and easy on the eyes – not to mention, we’re walking on money, people. How cool is that?


The terms we use.

Second Sitters or Reruns - previously-glued pennies that have popped up and need to be re glued prior to grouting. Caused mainly from: lack of glue, pitbull claws, and high-heels.

Penny-ing - the act of laying pennies to a floor one-by-one. Best accompanied by Spotify Premium and Pinot Noir.

Penny Glue or “PG” - colloquial term for { the glue we used }. Note: does not come off with soap and water; equip yourself with Goo-Gone, paint thinner, and steel wool for best results.

Junk Penny - a penny that can not be used for a variety of reasons, including - but not limited to: foreign currency, defacement, dirt or mold, and other such damage.

Hot Damn Mess - the term used to describe when a section of freshly laid pennies are not lining up with previously glued pennies.

Run - any trip to the bank involving the purchases of more than $25 in rolls of pennies.


Just to prove we actually did it ourselves.
Pennies: a couch-cushion’s worst nightmare. The clanking noise in the drier. The difference between a dollar in change or 99 measly cents. After deciding that pennies were in fact the bane of our existence, we glued any and all right to the floor of our 380 square foot bedroom. Who knew their final resting place would be our new tile? Several thousand pennies (all heads up), over one hundred laborious hours, and a couple of clear coats later…there we had it: #thepennyfloor. Some fun videos that popped up after we put up our blog!

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They say it takes a village. We say a it takes a bottle of wine and some OCD. Alas, meet the minds behind the madness.


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Motorcylce-riding, Maker of things at HandmadeAmerica.us, penny-laying fool. Technology is my friend. Nickels and dimes not invited to this party.


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